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Volume 10 (July - December 2014)
International Journal of Automotive & Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)
© Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Title and Authors
R.N. Othman and A.N. Wilkinson
A. Sabur, M.Y. Ali, M.A. Maleque and M.A. Moudood
Khalaf I. Hamada and M.M. Rahman

M.A. Moudood, A. Sabur, A. Lutfi, M.Y. Ali and I.H. Jaafar
Imran Ahemad Khan and G. K. Awari
M.S. Najiha and M.M. Rahman
W.A.D. Wan Dalina, M. Mariatti, Z. A. Mohd Ishak and A. R. Mohamed
M. Kamal and M. M. Rahman
G. Suriati, M. Mariatti and A. Azizan
G. Civcisa, J. Rudnevs and A. Grislis

S.H. Tang, M.H. Chng and W.M. Chin
S. Rostami, B. Ghobadian and M. Kiani Deh Kiani
S.R. Azman, M. Ismail, A.A.H. Kadhum and Z. Yaakob
S. Hamdan, K.S. Kiew and M.R. Rahman
M.M. Noor, Andrew P. Wandel and Talal Yusaf
V.W. Bhatkar,   V.M. Kriplani and G.K. Awari
Tahseen Ahmad Tahseen, M.M. Rahman and M. Ishak
M.F. Dimin, Sian-Meng Se, Azizah Shaaban and M.M. Hashim
Gan Siew Mei, Yuvaraj A.R., Siti Maznah bt Kabeb, M.M. Yusoff, V. G. Chigrinov and G.Hegde
Khalaf I. Hamada, M.K.Mohammed and M.M. Rahman
F. Ahmad, S.A. Mazlan, H. Zamzuri, H. Jamaluddin, K. Hudha and M. Short
M. Sai Yashwanth, T. Venugopal and A. Ramesh
Y. Y. Then, N.A. Ibrahim, N. Zainuddin, H. Ariffin, W.M.Z. Wan Yunus and M.F. Abd Rahman
T.M. Yusof, S. Anuar and H. Ibrahim
M. Mohamad, H.F.A. Marzuki, S.N.A. Bakar, A.N. Abdullah, E.A.E. Ubaidillah, M.F.Z. Abidin and S. Omar
K. R.Patil and S. S.Thipse
P. Kumaran, M. Gopinathan and S. Kantharrajan
N. Zulkarnain, H. Zamzuri and S.A. Mazlan
M.M. Noor, Andrew P. Wandel and Talal Yusaf
Devendra Vashist and Mukhtar Ahmad


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