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International Journal of Automotive & Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)
© Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Volume 4 (July - December 2011) 
Title and Authors
S. Wang, G.R. Liu, G.Y. Zhang and L.Chen

R. Singh

S. Sivakumar, S. Ramesh, K.L. Chin, C.Y. Tan and W.D. Teng

K. Kalyani Radha, S. Naga Sarada, K. Rajagopal and E.L. Nagesh

Wadhah Hussein Abdul Razzaq Al- Doori

S. Thiruchelvam and J.E. Tookey

B. Vijaya Lakshmi, T. Subrahmanyam, V. Dharma Rao and K.V. Sharma

 A.A. Adebisi, M.A. Maleque and M.M. Rahman

M. Moniruzzaman and Subrata Roy

M.Z. Nuawi, A.R. Ismail, M.J.M. Nor and M.M. Rahman

K. J. T.  Jeffrey, F. Tarlochan and M. M. Rahman


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